Germany Part 4: The Finale

I’m getting there, I’m getting there, don’t rush me. We’ll get there together!

Leaving Strasbourg we had one last place in Germany to visit – the relatively small city of Freiburg, very close to the Black Forest.

At this point in our trip the weather had turned around; rather than grey and dreary it had changed into very hot and humid. We were already getting worn down a bit by the amount of stuff we’d done already, so this weather really took it out of us in Freiburg. We did a lot of very slow strolling – anathema to me usually!

The first day there (having arrived fairly early from Strasbourg) we did some exploring, had a look around at what was a fairly pretty town, sat for a couple of hours for lunch and a read in the shade, that kind of thing; very low key, quite nice.

IMG_20160623_090418 IMG_20160622_124634 IMG_20160622_125059 IMG_20160622_125236 IMG_20160622_132610 IMG_20160622_144605


The next day – attempting to get over the sudden prospect of Brexit – we decided to walk towards the outskirts of the city – a large green fairly-unpopulated area that had a lake and a semi-zoo, that kind of thing. It was maybe a little bit longer than we expected – about 8km I think – and it was really quite hot as we ended up walking until quite close to midday, but we did see some pretty things and it was a nice day out. We did collapse when we got back, though.

IMG_20160623_113134 IMG_20160623_092846 IMG_20160623_092935 IMG_20160623_093543 IMG_20160623_093933 IMG_20160623_101329 IMG_20160623_101349 IMG_20160623_110108 IMG_20160623_112011


After recovering in the hotel for a couple of hours we took a bus to the outskirts of Freiburg to take a cable-car up a very high hill – possibly the highest point for miles and miles around – with good views across the otherwise mostly-quite-flat region. It was the longest cable-car ride I’d been on – I think 15-20 minutes or so – and it really did climb quite a long way.

IMG_20160623_161543 IMG_20160623_155310 IMG_20160623_155546 IMG_20160623_160118 IMG_20160623_160613 IMG_20160623_161107


Our final bit of Freiburg was having dinner at a nice restaurant overlooking the city, up a steep hill that we ascended via funicular. It was possible to walk up as well, but at that point we were pretty much dead! We had a very nice meal – Erin having some genuine Black Forest Gateaux – and then saw some pretty sunset views before shambling back to our hotel.

IMG_20160623_211509 IMG_20160623_211520 IMG_20160623_192936 IMG_20160623_192945 IMG_20160623_200455 IMG_20160623_200509 IMG_20160623_203454 IMG_20160623_203458


Freiburg complete, onwards to our last (and single-night) stop – the city of Basel in Switzerland. Basel sits on the Rhine, very appropriately given how we started the holiday. The baking heat had continued from the previous day – and the long walk definitely had lingering effects – so our first day in Basel was mostly us wandering around slowly, taking regular sit-down breaks by the river or in gardens, and mostly trying to avoid hills. Basel maybe not the best city to have to attempt hill-avoidance; it definitely felt like some kind of skating park at macro scale. We saw some pretty buildings and took a short ferry across the Rhine, then finished by eating some sausage – it’s traditional!

IMG_20160624_125336 IMG_20160624_124952 IMG_20160624_123842 IMG_20160624_123025 IMG_20160624_122910 IMG_20160624_122428 IMG_20160624_115652 IMG_20160624_114144 IMG_20160625_104439 IMG_20160625_103348 IMG_20160625_103240 IMG_20160625_103227 IMG_20160625_103129 IMG_20160624_135001



On the final day in Basel, and of our awesome holiday, we went for another bit of a wander through the city and then stopped at a weird little museum – a museum of Kinetic Sculptures, by a (famous?) guy called Jean Tinguely. He really liked sculptures that were in motion, or that could do ‘something’ in response to you pressing a button. Some of them were really engrossing, especially the fountain – you can’t see from the picture, obviously, but all of the pieces in the fountain are in constant motion in various different patterns. Really good!

IMG_20160625_113708 IMG_20160625_114113 IMG_20160625_114806 IMG_20160625_105430


Naturally, to round off the holiday, we treated ourselves to a nice lunch; such a good time we had, although it’s made getting back into our regular lives a bit difficult!

IMG_20160625_132614 IMG_20160625_132622 IMG_20160625_132628 IMG_20160625_125049 IMG_20160625_125055 IMG_20160625_132610

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