“Doctor Doctor”

“I’ve been afflicted by a dodgy builder, what would you prescribe?”

“Hmm, that does look serious, but I’ve got just the thing for you. Take three weeks of Phil, that’ll sort you out.”

Man, that fictional doctor was right; three weeks into the works’ resumption under the steady hands of our new builder – that’s Phil – and we’re finally feeling like everything is coming together and there really¬†will be an end. And that end shouldn’t even be all that far away, we’re potentially going to be back to normal operation by Easter!

Heh, ‘normal operation’, sometimes I crack myself up. I can’t remember what normal operation is any more as it’s literally 272 days¬†since we last had a kitchen! But I’ll happily accept the challenge of trying to figure it out again.

A couple of mini-milestones this week:
– running water somewhere other than the bath; we now have a sink too!
– I took a standing-up shower at home for the first time in 76 days. It’s the little things, but taking sit-down bath showers gets old pretty quickly.

/skips off

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