Careful, lest I get hopeful


I see.

That’s what a quality builder is supposed to be like!

At the end of the last post we were ready to choose our new builder; now, two weeks after making our choice, and through his first week on the job, we can finally be delighted by something in this building project!

Phil (because that’s his name) started on Monday 7:30am, got down to business straight away, and has done six solid days of work since then. The kitchen, dare I say it, almost looks like a real kitchen! We’ve just today got our washing machine back working after 8 months out of commission. He’s made a start into redoing the downstairs bathroom (because the previous guys couldn’t tile straight). His timeline is for it all to take four weeks, and so far he’s on track. He’s exactly as we had hoped the original builder would be – in control of things, nothing is an issue, leave it with him and it’ll all get sorted.

Finally, we’ve found someone competent!


We also had a bit of a close shave; or at least, the retrospective realisation that the blade existed and could have been very sharp. When Phil started on Monday the first thing he did was track down the source of what he thought was some dampness on one of the walls. A few hours later he’d got to the bottom of it – a mains pipe connection under the floorboards hadn’t been connected properly and had been, literally, flowing out ever since it was installed – back at the start of December. Had we continued with the previous builder the first we’d have found out about it would have been in a year or two when the floors were rotting up from beneath. In a lot of ways this single dodged bullet has made us happier with the whole situation, and that combined with how Phil has progressed this week has us in a much more relaxed mood now.


In other news, we’ve had a decently busy last couple of weeks although marred slightly by Erin being a bit sick. Nothing too serious, but a bit cold-y and cough-y and draining and generally unpleasant. That hasn’t fully stopped us getting out and about, though, and we’ve had a few gaming days/evenings with various people, seen a few shows, done a few things. We were lucky enough that we had booked a bunch of tickets for various things in February/March before we knew the house situation had gotten perilous, which means we can still do these things without feeling guilty about the extra expense!


In an event that the vast majority of you won’t care about, XCOM 2 (a PC game) came out last week. Its original series was out in the early 90s and I have many great memories of playing it a lot, and then it was rebooted very successfully a few years back. The only reason I mention it now is that I felt like a happy child for the first time in a long time; the game unlocked at 11pm on a Thursday night, so I went to bed at 8pm, got up at 2:30am, and played for 4 hours before going to work that Friday. So much fun, and the looooong day of work afterwards was well worth it!


Insert smooth exit from the post here.

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