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Ooh, ribs!

Barbecuing (with?) friends

Mmmm, tasty friends.

Tuesday is barbecue day – Jimmy’s parents, who met us all a couple of times when they were in London in the past, have invited us all to their place in the suburbs. It’ll be our last big get-together before we all leave for our various homes; obviously it won’t be long until we see the Londoners again but a bit more of a big deal for the unfortunates (I jest, I jest!) staying in Melbourne.
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Monday Melburnian Meanderings

Monday is one of our last designated tourist days – the day is ours until a dinner booking later. To be honest we feel like we’ve mostly run out of the obvious touristy stuff to do in Melbourne now though; makes sense I suppose, we ticked a bunch of stuff off when we were here a couple of years ago a well. Next trip to Australia we’ll probably cut the Melbourne time down to just catching up with people and go explore somewhere else with the extra time.
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Australia Three: Back in the City

After the wonderful wedding weekend (because alliteration) we’re back into Melbourne on Sunday morning on the train. We’re in another Mercure for this section of the trip, near the Queen Vic markets – not quite as convenient as the last one but still only 10-15 minutes walk from the train station. We drop our bags (it’s still far too early to check in) and head back out.
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