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Finishing Sydney, Fly-By of Melbourne

Saturday morning dawns and again we’re up early – 7am. While Erin doesn’t leave until tomorrow my flight to Melbourne is this afternoon; I had changed it to make the stag do for the wedding we’re going to next week. That means we have a few hours to fit some stuff into and the plan is to have a look around an island in Sydney Harbour, Cockatoo Island.
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Sydney: Getting all Manly

Friday morning we’re up and about at 8am. Our first post-flight sleep has gone pretty well for me – I got all the way to 7.30 – and slightly less well but still not too bad for Erin, who woke at 4. I’ve got a slightly weird adversarial relationship with my body (as demonstrated by the walking last week!) where I ignore what it’s telling me and force it to do stuff anyway. It’s not really a good thing but it does work out quite well for handling jet lag; I’m declaring victory already, 24 hours in. Timezones, you will not defeat me!
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Istanbul and Athens: final thoughts

I wanted to put up a short post with some final thoughts on Athens and Istanbul and the whole experience. It’s now Friday and I arrived back in the UK from Istanbul last Sunday but I’ve since traveled to Australia so it’s been hard to find the time to do that! Also, sometime a bit further down the line (at this point we’re probably talking in a month’s time) I’ll go through the many pictures I took and post a selection of the best/most meaningful rather than the somewhat random selection I posted day by day.
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